School Association

The School Association is active in raising funds to support the school in its work. All parents are automatically members and are invited to attend meetings and events. We hold Duck Race each July and organise a variety of social events during the year which helps to ensure that as many people in the community as possible are involved in the school’s life.

Office Holders for the school year 2018/19 are as follows:

Chair - Chloe Michell

Vice Chair - Julie Potter

Secretary - Frances Edwards

Treasurer - Jeanette Pook

If you have any queries / ideas or suggestions for the School Association please talk to any of the above or email the school via with School Association in the Subject box. 

 Agenda's for Meetings 

Minute of Meetings - 2018/19

AGM Meeting - September 2018

Committee Meeting - 3 October 2018

Committee Meeting - 5 November 2018

Committee Meeting - 22 January 2019

School Association Letters & News - 2018/19

Tea Towel Fundraising Letter

Christmas Raffle Letter - December 2018

Easter Bingo Letter - March 2019