Religious Education


Religions To Be Taught

The pattern of religions to be taught is as follows:

Early Years and Key Stage 1: Christianity and a religion of choice by the school

When pupils from Reception are taught within Year 1 or a whole Key Stage 1 class they should follow the Key Stage 1 programme of study. The focus of their attainment should be the EYFS profile statements in the Reception section.

KS1 Christianity Curriculum

KS1 Buddhism Curriculum

KS1 Hinduism Curriculum

KS1 Islam Curriculum

KS1 Judaism Curriculum

KS1 Sikhism Curriculum

Key Stage 2: Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism

KS2 Christianity Curriculum 

KS2 Hinduism Curriculum

KS2 Islam Curriculum

KS2 Judaism Curriculum

KS2 Sikhism Curriculum